How Tuface and Others Cheated Death In An Averted Air Plane Mishap

A South African Airbus (A340-600, registration ZS-SNG Flight SA-60) from Johannesburg to Lagos carrying over 300 passengers including Nigeria's Famous musician Tubaba developed an electrical fault in mid-air... continue

According to Nigeriafilms, Tuface pulled his headphones and asked the white guy sitting next to him why people where panicking, all the white man was saying was ’’this plane is going to crash! This plane s going to crash!..all of a sudden the lighting system in the aircraft went off…everyone was mad with fear.. some started praying others brought out their blackberries and started pinging, some started calling loved ones and telling them their last wishes.

The captain then announced that the plane had developed an electrical fault and they were going to have an emergency landing. The pilot then turned the plane around and headed back to South africa, My colleague then revealed that it was then he saw 2face Idibia walk past him and when he looked back he saw the popstar talking and calming his crew down, telling them not to panic.Ater 45 minutes, the captain announced that they were going to ‘dump the fuel’ i.e remove all the jetfuel on the plane, this is a precautionary step taken by pilots whenever a plane is going to crash or whenever there is a risk of fire. As they were about to land….another problem came up…the captain announced that the tires of the plane could not come then everyone on the plane had given up.
Miraculously, the tires came out and the plane successfully landed and the passengers were evacuated. Source then said that himself and other passengers were taken to the arrival lounge, that was when he met Tony Anenih’s wife,Josephine.
After much investigation, it was a kettle that sparked in the kitchen that affected the whole electrical system of the plane. Nigeriafilms also stated that a lot of Nigerians including senators constituted the bulk of passengers. 

Thank God oh