Relationship Heartbreak: My Recent Personal Experience

Hello NC blog readers,
I remember i promised to give you all updates on the daily happenings in my life...

So I had this very good friend of mine who owed me some money for goods she bought from me last year. Whenever I call to ask for my money, she would give me excuses of not having it at the time, meanwhile she is a top management staff to one of the foreign organizations in Abuja, Nigeria.
As time passed, the thought of the money gradually slipped from my head until one early morning (3am) in the month of march 2013 (a year gone), I had been so broke that when i slept, God reminded of the money she owed me (lolzz... for real oh).  Woke up and sent her an sms to all her lines just in case she did not take the two phones to work.

Anyways the summary of the the whole story was that she asked me to come pick up a Cheque when I later called her (since she did not reply my sms or calls) to complain about my ill health. On getting there she gave me a Sterling Bank Cheque that she post dated (2/4/2014) and also back dated (2/4/12) on the back page of the same Cheque.
I did not look at the Cheque until I got to the bank to cash it and to my shocker my very good friend deliberately suffered me (am sure she had a good laugh as i walked away from her office). I felt crushed,
with so much pain and  anger in my heart i went over to her house and to her surprise, politely spoke to her about it, only to hear her mutter these words "are you serious i did that, i did not know, its probably an error" and she went on to say "how did you know where to find me since you did not call to inquire of my where about?"

Meanwhile here is a picture of the Cheque  and i need you all to please give me an answer to the following questions that has been bothering me-
1. How will you feel if you were in my shoes?
2. would you agree with me that she did it deliberately?
3.How will you relate to such a friend next time?
4. what is the best way to talk about it with her to avoid hurting her feelings but at the same time letting her know how hurt you are.


  1. Wicked person she is. I need her address so I can go punish her. She needs to repent!

  2. Anonymous4.4.13

    Hi Cynthia love ur blog, pls can you contact me with this email address, I live in abuja to discuss abt apps with u

  3. NaijaCynth4.4.13 thanks for loving my blog $ I will def. Email you Asap!

  4. Hmmmmmm!smh.I will make sure she pays every dime n in cash,and also pay for the inconveniences.r u still calling her ur frnd?she s a foe.#blinkingmyeyes#sighs

  5. Anonymous4.4.13

    dnt mind her she is with d money but she dnt want to give u. she is a wicked friend and b careful wit her becos ppl like dat can do or on do.pls b careful

  6. Chukwuma Nwachukwu4.4.13

    Dud cheque? Just pay the cheque into your account and let it be bounced by the bank and then you come to my office with your consultation fees and we take it up from there. 2 years imprisonment awaits her if we wake up the law.


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