DSTV Accidentally Airs Mandela's Obituary

Two nights ago, Universal Channel (DStv 117) on multichoice's DStv-TV platform aired an "obituary" of Remembering Madiba Nelson Mandela mistakenly, who is alive.  
The TV Channel is apologizing profusely for the technical error. Here, read their appology...

"Like any international broadcaster, Universal Networks holds obituaries ready for every major statesman in the world" says the Universal Networks International which programmes the Universal Channel on DStv. "Universal Networks wishes to offer a sincere and heartfelt apology for the airing of such an announcement for Nelson Mandela which was broadcast last night on the Universal Channel due to a technical error by our team." "We unreservedly apologize to the Mandela's family, to subscribers for the alarm and offense caused by this error. Our thoughts and best wishes are with Mandela and his family for a speedy and full recovery, says the Universal Network.
Now we can conclude that errors are done not only in Naija... i hope una agree with me oh????