Annie's touchy vow to 2Face

Annie’s Vows
My joy! My heart! My friend! My love!
I stand before you today as open as I can ever be, humbled by the light and love in your eyes.
13 years ago, I met the most amazing man on earth! I flew on the wings of that love, uncaring, unheeding! Believing firmly that you are and will always be the wind beneath my wings!
Life happened, oh yes Life happened but through it all my heart beat only for you!
My heartbreak became my greatest joy!
My strength! My life!
Day after day I am more in love with you!
When people ask me what is love! I say Love is right here! This moment! This second! Today! Tomorrow! Love is you! Love is real! Love is my eternity with you Innocent Ujah Idibia!
I give you all of me today knowing that in you and you only has this imperfect girl found perfection!!!
I do 13 yrs ago when I met you, I do 7yrs ago, I do 5yrs ago when we created our daughter! I do through all the blogs and tabloid headlines! And on this day, at this very second I stand in front of the world and I say I do take you as my wedded husband! I love you! I love you so much, so so much!!!

NC readers my tears has filled two buckets already...


  1. Anonymous23:31

    Wow wow wow!c so touched.

  2. The prize of living the faith. Congrats to you Mrs idibia. I hope you will make a lovely wife to your husband Tuface and wonderful mother to your daughter and a nice stepmother to your dozen stepchildren.

  3. I hope he stays true dear annie because ur hubby impregnates any gal he smiles at. Ur vow is indeed touchy but remember it when d time gets rough. HML

  4. kaycee08:01

    I wish them God's abundance in everything

  5. kourt kadashian08:46

    This is so sweet! I am almost in tears

  6. Wooow so lovely n touching.
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